Dental Implants

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Dental implants may be the most exciting addition to cosmetic dentistry in years. Although the process was devised decades ago, modern technological advancements have vastly improved the ease of the procedure and the excellent results.

For centuries, the inevitability of tooth loss left people with few options. Many people chose to live with unsightly gaps where the tooth loss occurred, while the loss of multiple teeth ultimately encouraged partial or full sets of dentures. The inconvenience, lost abilities, and embarrassment of missing teeth were a fact of life.

Now the loss of one or more teeth can be immediately resolved through individual implants, each acting as an independent root and tooth with the look, feel and durability of brand new teeth.

Dental implants usually require two surgical procedures. A small titanium screw is surgically anchored into the jawbone where the tooth will be located. The titanium screw, or implant, is allowed to heal and bond with the bone in order to ensure a healthy and strong foundation. This process usually takes at least three months and depending on the patient’s needs, temporary dietary changes and/or fixtures will be recommended during this time. After bonding, small posts are inserted into the top of the screws to provide the anchors for the custom-molded artificial crowns that are placed on top in the final step.

A consultation can help determine if dental implants are the right choice to solve recent or past tooth loss or damage.