Invisalign is an exciting and newer non-traditional orthodontic option. Many people have discovered the advantages of Invisalign as compared to braces, as it is much less invasive to daily life.

When selecting invisalign, a 3-D computer first projects tooth movement to help design a series of custom-crafted alignment trays. Each tray is designed as one step in tooth straightening. The first tray is a slight modification tray, and is worn for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the first tray is discarded and patients advance to the second tray. This process continues every two weeks as the teeth gradually are shifted into the optimal alignment.

The advantages of Invisalign are many. They are removable, which allows for proper brushing and flossing without the struggle of navigating around braces and rubber bands as well during meals and snacks, which improves meal enjoyment. The gradual use of new aligner trays are more comfortable than conventional braces, and slowly ensure proper movement of the teeth. Additionally, Invisalign trays are clear, which mean they are nearly invisible. Patients enjoy the freedom to wear Invisalign in public without the obvious signs of braces across their smile.

The specialists at Eureka Dental can explain the advantages and process of Invisalign to improve alignment issues that are right for you.