Laser Dentistry

As laser technology becomes synonymous with medical procedures, Eureka Dental remains at the forefront of laser dentistry. New techniques and breakthroughs have evolved to allow procedures that only years ago were inconceivable.

Lasers are now used to treat a variety of issues, and can achieve results with minimal bleeding, no stitches, minimal discomfort and a fraction of the healing time required.Many patients have a fundamental fear of needles, drilling, and being anesthetized. Our specialty in laser dentistry provides our patients with a painless option to many procedures that used to require invasive processes.

Cosmetically, lasers are used to sculpt ill-proportioned gums to give teeth a longer, more prominent and attractive appearance. Lasers also improve the efficiency and durability of teeth-whitening procedures. While whitening used to require frequent applications, lasers improve the results of each whitening experience, producing a brighter smile that lasts longer.

The dentistry repair applications afforded by laser treatments are even greater. Lasers can be used to treat gum disease by reshaping gums to reduce periodontal “pockets” that contribute to escalating cases of disease. Lasers are also used to remove bacteria, lesions inside the mouth, canker sores, and more. Additionally, lasers offer the ability to scan the teeth for early signs of decay allow for easy cavity detection.

If you are interested in what this latest technology can do for you, we have the expertise and experience to show you how laser dentistry might address lingering problems or improve your smile.