Dental Root Canal

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Dental Root Canal Procedure

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a Dental Root Canal, is a procedure that is used to save a tooth that years ago would have resulted in an extraction. The procedure is often necessary when a tooth is cracked or develops a deep interior cavity. This crack or deep cavity allows bacteria to reach the inner core of the tooth and eventually spread decay to the nerves, tissue, blood vessels and possibly the jawbone. The tooth becomes extremely sensitive to heat and cold, and can result in serious infection.

Pain can be alleviated in one visit and the problem permanently solved. The tooth is first anesthetized and then an oral surgeon drills a hole through the crown of the tooth to access the core (pulp). Tiny metal instruments are used to remove the pulp, and then the interior core is cleaned and the tooth canal is disinfected.

Once this process is complete and any necessary reshaping of the canal is complete, the tooth canal is filled with a rubberized material to prevent future infection. A seal is placed over the tooth temporarily until the patient returns to have the permanent crown installed. The surgeon may also install a permanent metal pin to the root of the tooth to provide stability and long-term support to the tooth and crown.

During the follow-up visit, the seal is removed and a crown or veneer is fitted and adhered to the tooth to permanently seal it. Although there are slight risks with root canals that parallel most types of oral surgeries, the potential for success is increased with proper follow-up care for your tooth.



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