Teeth Whitening

Eureka Dental understands that a brilliant smile is one of the most impressive features a person carries. Over time, the inevitability of tooth discoloration cannot be avoided, regardless of how well oral health is maintained. Coffee or tea consumption, the natural aging of teeth, excessive fluoride, and even nerve deterioration can cause unwanted color changes.

Fortunately, whitening technology today is far superior to those methods employed in the past. Gone are the days of endless bleaching trays and gradual whitening. The revolutionary product Zoom!, an in-office whitening system, is designed to achieve maximum results in just over an hour.

During a Zoom! treatment, teeth are first prepared by isolating lips and gums. A specialist applies Zoom! whitening gel to teeth and amplification of the product occurs as a specially-designed beam of light is focused on the teeth and gel. This scientifically-formulated gel and patented light work in concert to activate the effects of Hydrogen Peroxide and penetrate deeper into the tooth’s surface to create a brighter, lasting white. Teeth often continue to lighten in the few subsequent days after the procedure and ultimately achieve shades of white six to ten shades brighter.

With proper oral care and an occasional at-home application, a Zoom! smile will remain bright for years. Ask our office about the process and how one hour can change the way you smile.