oral care during pregnancy

Tips for Oral Care During Pregnancy

Understanding oral care during pregnancy can and will impact your life. One of the greatest (and most challenging) times in a woman’s life is pregnancy. As our female patients and team members know, a woman’s body goes through dramatic changes during the course of a pregnancy. Understanding how these changes will impact your mouth can…

cosmetic dental treatment

Now Printing Teeth!

Cosmetic Dental Treatment or Same Day Crowns Cosmetic dental treatment and what it has to do with 3D printing? You may have heard about the futuristic development of 3D printing. For anyone who does not understand the process, a 3D printer is essentially a personal-sized mill that creates the object relayed by the computer software.…

cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Details of restoration in Cosmetic Dentistry Our patients understand that modern dentistry allows people not only to correct painful dental issues, but also allows them to improve their appearance with a wide range of techniques and procedures. Repairing a broken tooth or fixing cavities is important. But how about changing the imperfections of your jaw…